Speed Limiter

Your personal assistant for speed management


Custom kits made to fit anew and used drive-by-wire vehicles (passenger cars and 12v commercial vehicles)


LiteOn SL900Ci Speed Limiter: Benefts

  • Safe maximum cruising speed for (commercial 12v) vehicle and passengers
  • Aids employers duty of care to employee drivers
  • Helps prevent speeding tickets
  • Concentrated driving with maximum attention to the road
  • Saves fuel
  • Multiple speed limit capability with command module
  • Can be used for road speed or engine speed limiting


LiteOn SL900Ci Speed Limiter: Features

  • Fixed maximum speed (optional)
  • Variable voluntary speed limits (optional)
  • Sound alert when exceeding set cruising speed (instead of limit, optional setting)
  • Also available combined with Gold Cruise Control GC90Ci


Your personal assistant for speed management
A  LiteOn SL900Ci Speed Limiter is your personal assistant for speed managament. If desired, a fixed speed limit can be programmed at installation. In addition to that, drivers can use an (optional) command module to set variable , voluntary limits. You can opt for either kind, but it is also possible to combine fixed and variable limits. Once the set limit is reached, the car will no longer accelerate. A strong push (‘kick-down’), however, will allow the car to exceed the set speed (safety).

With a Gold Speed Limiter, you can also opt for a sound alert (instead of the speed being actually limited) upon reaching the desired maximum.


Reliable and certified: a safe product
When you are looking for a comfortable speed limiting solution for your vehicle, you surely want the best: the original  LiteOn SL900Ci Speed Limiter. Developed by specialists with over 30 years of automotive experience, particularly in cruise control systems. Certified by reputed institutions. Because when it comes to your car, you want the safety offered by a reliable and certified product.

For mayority of cars is available Plug'n'Play harness what will be connected between connector of accelerator pedal, for others can be used universal harness. By ordering the product please write to comments of the shopping basket for wich car- make, model, year and engine- is the harness needed.
Kit includes central unit and pedal T-arness. If you like to use voluntary speed limiter please choose the one control module.

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