Speed limiter

Speed limiter

A speed limiter is a system that limits the maximum speed of a vehicle. Speed limiters offer many advantages. It doesn't matter if you have just one car or a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, speed limiters pay for themselves quickly. For example, speed limiters use less fuel. In addition, it prevents fines from being driven.

  Speed Limiter

More than just a speed limiter...

What can it do and what are even more advantages of this speed limiter?


Maximum speed limit

With the speed limiter, the programmed maximum speed which cannot be exceeded by the driver, think of the limitation devices used in trucks. The speed limiter improves the safety of the driver and fellow road users, saves fuel and CO2 emissions and reduces the risk of speeding. Helps to achieve CSR goals.

RPM limit

An engine delivers the maximum torque at a relatively low speed. In the higher RPM area, the torque decreases but the fuel consumption increases. With a RPM limiter, fuel-efficient driving is stimulated. More is being driven in the RPM area where the engine functions most efficient. This reduces fuel consumption.

In order to reach the desired maximum speed, the RPM limiter can be switched off at a higher speed.

Acceleration limit

The acceleration limiter is also very suitable for electric Vehicles. The acceleration limiter prevents excessive acceleration. This contributes to the comfort of fellow passengers, saves wear on tires and brake parts and saves fuel and CO2 emissions. For electric vehicles, it significantly increases the range. All this makes this product also very suitable for the taxi industry.

Variable speed limiter (optional)

The variable speed limiter allows the driver to activate and de-activate any speed limit via an command module. This is comfortable on national roads, in urban areas or in heavy traffic on motorways. The variable speed limiter can prevent the current speed limit from being exceeded accidently. Also very useful on roads with trajectory control. The speed limiter and variable speed limiter function simultaneously.



Less fuel consumption due to quiet and controlled driving means for you:

  • Lower emissions of: NOx, CO₂  and particulate matter.
  • Lower costs (repair, maintenance, tires)
  • Contributes to CSR (corporate social responsibility)
  • Less chance of damage

Why a LITE-ON Limiter?

  • Very short ROI (return on investment). Up to 15% fuel savings.
  • Supplied ready for your vehicle. Short installation time.
  • Also suitable for Electric vehicles
  • Certified quality (TÜV, E-label, IATF 16949)



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