Speed limiter

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More than just a speed limiter 

Also for electric vehicles

With the speed limiter, it is possible to limit the vehicle's speed, engine RPM and acceleration. As a result:

  • * Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 15%, which alone ensures a short payback period for the device.
  • * Emissions of NOx, CO₂ and particulate matter are reduced.
  • * Lower repair, maintenance and tire costs.
  • * Less chance of crash and speeding ticket.
  • * Contribution to corporate social responsibility.

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Why ZEMCO but not LITE-ON

The well-known Cruise Control and Speed Limiters sold under the LITE-ON brand name have been rebranded to ZEMCO.

Founded as Zemco in 1977, the company was a pioneer in cruise control systems and quickly established itself as a leader in the automotive electronics industry. In 1983, Zemco’s success story caught the attention of a rapidly growing Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company called LITE-ON, which acquired all the activities of Zemco. Initially still branded as Zemco and later sold under the brand LITE-ON, the products continued to flourish. Development continued to comply with the latest standards of the automotive industry, expanding its global reach.

In 2023, a new chapter begins. LITE-ON has fully shifted towards electronics manufacturing for mass car manufacturing clients and left the retrofit market. The cruise control and limiter products have been corporatized back into an independent company operating globally under the reintroduced brand name ZEMCO. The products will remain the same and still be produced by LITE-ON with the same specifications, quality, and approvals.

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What can it do and what are even more advantages of this speed limiter?

Maximum speed limitation

A speed limiter ensures that the driver cannot drive faster than the pre-set maximum speed.
• With a speed limiter, the maximum speed is programmed during installation. The driver can’t influence the maximum speed setting.
• The speed limiter can be set from 25 km/h to 240 km/h.
• The speed limiter switches on automatically and smoothly adjusts the speed to the maximum set value

RPM limitation

A motor delivers the maximum torque at a relatively low RPM depending of the type of engine. In the higher RPM range the torque becomes lower but increases fuel consumption. 

With a RPM limiter, often in combination with a fixed limiter, the new economical driving stimulated. There is more driving in the RPM range in which the engine functions most efficient. This reduces fuel consumption.

To still be able to reach the desired maximum speed, the RPM limiter at higher speed Can be disabled.

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Acceleration limitation

Limiting acceleration is well suited for electric vehicles and cars with a more powerful engine. Acceleration limiter prevents excessive acceleration, thus making driving more comfortable, saves wear and tear on tires and brake parts, saves fuel and thus reduces emissions. For electric vehicles, limiting acceleration significantly increases range. All this makes this product very suitable for taxis.

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Test with a Peugeot Boxer.

  • * RPM limiter at 2250 RPM and 
  • * The speed limiter to 110 km/h.
  • * Total distance travelled: 3000km

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