Meta DEF.COM3 T motorcycle alarm system

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Remote controlled motorcycle alarm system with a battery backup siren , immobilizer and an integrated movement sensor.
Main features of Meta DEF.COM 3:
- 2 water resistant, random rolling code remote controls
- Self-powered electronic siren
- Immobilizer
- Emergency override code
- Automatic arming of immobilizer and / or alarm (selectable)
- Integrated movement sensor (deselectable)
- Homologation: 97/24/ EC.

Protection by the alarm system
The alarm central unit protects the motorcycle against being started and an alarm cycle will be triggered every time:
- the ignition key is turned ON
- an attempt is made to remove or move any part of the motorcycle which is protected by specific switches (for example if the seat or
the storage compartment is opened …
- the motorcycle is moved
- the alarm system’s supply cables are disconnected or cut or if the motorcycle’s battery is disconnected

Italian company Meta System S.p.A. is European biggest security system producer for automotive and motorcycle markets.
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